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Heey, not bat at all for a first animation. I'm voting five for support, keep it up! Here's a tip: since Newgrounds is an english speaking site, people won't understand what it says in your animation and it will affect negatively your score. You should consider translating it. Apart from that, i'm sure you'll make a lot of fun animations in the future.

EmilioDotZip responds:

I know, but I made this a long time ago, so I didn't expect that I would post this here : )

Holy shit this is genious

you are doing beautiful stuff with simple things. congratulations, keep it up!

CartoonChill responds:

Thank you very much!

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This is very interesting. If i may, i would like to make some few possibly constructive observations. To make it more captivating, i would change the tutorial by making a playable tutorial in wich you can learn and play it step by step, making it less boring to learn. Secondly, i would make the J key also able to skip the "you died" scene, to make it more dynamic for whoever is using the keyboard instead of the mouse. I also would make it more colorful and maybe work a little bit more on the art. Another idea is to make a gradual difficulty, where the more planets you pass by, the harder it gets.
That's it, and congratulations, i found the game very creative.

HannesPaulsson responds:

Thank you for your feedback! I've updated the game, and the 'J' key now works on the death screen.
Regarding the difficulty, it does get harder the more planets you pass! Look at the "speed" text on the top at the screen, it increases for each planet you orbit, and each wall you bounce on!

couldn't play it, got stuck on the menu screen


music name, please.

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This is exactly what it aims for. Nostalgic and uplifting. The repeating chord progression with the addition of layers one at a time works pretty well, and when the first drop comes, perfectly announced by those 80's sampled tom drums... It brings us quite a satisfaction! Quite joyful and dancing! Great job! I kinda missed a more developed bass line, though, maybe with a cleaner sound to contrast from the synths. To me this is the only thing away from a 5 stars vote (in the mood i am right now at least).

Ditchy responds:

Thank you for your feedback - Will take the bass advice onboard :)

I definitely can imagine a very dark level here. It doesn't have a melodic theme, it's more about textures and progressions, which makes it easy to listen to without it getting annoying. This is very good for a game. The only disadvantage is that it is less assimilative, you know? I see this song more in a dark level than a boss. I would think a boss should have a clear melodic theme, something that would make you think "oooh it's that boss' song!". But that's just my opinion... This would definitely fit great in a game regardless of that.

Nice, i can really see this darkening down a scene. I'm not used to rating audio yet.. my first thoughts are that this audio is very simple and short, therefore it shouldn't get an outstanding score. But simple and short is often perfect for certain purposes, and your audio is definitely ideal for a bunch of purposes. So i'm giving you three and a half stars, score in which the little head is smiling but not particularly enthusiastic(as he would be if listening to an outstanding piece of music).

LittleLuckyLink responds:

Thank you! A fair rating, I shall agree :)

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So creative!! Really awesome!

Beautiful! Has the project come to life?

Are you gonna finnish this as a painting?? it's gonna be awesome!

beekart responds:

hehe, probably not.. I think i'm a bit too busy at the moment. I think it will remain just lines! :)

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